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Kelsey Henderson-Omelianuk


The owner, Kelsey Henderson-Omelianuk, purchased the business in 2017 which has been run for over 35 years ago. Kelsey was an instructor as well as a manager of the business for 7 years and continues to have more than 32 centers all across northern NJ.

Kelsey has been dancing for over 25 years. She started training at the age of 2 at Dance Expressions in Hackettstown, NJ where her love of dance began. After dancing under the watchful eye of Darlene Pallotta for 18 years she went on to further her training and attended The University of the Arts where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Dance after training with top choreographers, teachers and masters of the art such as Roni Koresh, Al Blackstone, Kim Bears-Bailey, Wayne St. David and many more.

 Along with dance, Kelsey was also involved in competitive cheerleading in which she received many national titles and was given many performance opportunities which included the Capitol One Bowl Halftime Show! 

The love she has for dance and performing has pushed her to become what she always wanted to be. This is beyond anything she could have asked for and is so happy to say that she followed her dreams!

Kelsey Henderson-Omelianuk
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